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World Bloggers & Social Media Awards 2012

The World Bloggers & Social Media Awards 2012 are the supreme testament to the stunning achievements in all verticals connected with blogging and social media. The glittering function to be held in Malaysia will recognize, reward and honor the best.

Social media as we all know in general and blogging in particular has changed the way we see and perceive the world. In fact with a few clicks, and a few jerks of the mouse as well as the hand eye coordination and use of that most important human organ, the brain, people have transformed the way we think, see and understand the world.

Effective tools and applications, called “apps” by the netizens of a connected world have simply transformed the style and functioning of businesses and in turn changed the rules of the game so drastically that every press of the key on the board is now viewed with utmost seriousness and seen as a fantastic business opportunity, so the “apps” of the world have become “ops” too! Multiply this by millions and you will see the huge potential that waits to be tapped.

The 1st World Bloggers and Social Media Awards in Kuala Lumpur will highlight the work of some of the best from the social media fraternity of global and local social media practitioners. This will be, as they say a “glocal” event with the awards showcasing the brilliant minds that have made this phenomenon possible and we will be honoring them for their yeoman contribution to social media as a whole.

ALAMAK! mcm mn aku br pasan mende nie? isk isk isk...masa pun dah suntuk :p walaupun aku x konpiden menang, tapi aku join aje :)) wakaka.... mn ler tau kan :p ade rezeki x kemana kan ;) hehehe...

korang nampak x pic kat atas nie? br 1 vote kan? aku ler yg vote tu :)) wakaka.... sesape yg sudi vote blog aku yg x seberapa nie, sudi²kan ler utk vote. caranye mudah aje :p
  1. pilih kategori yg dipertandingkan. mcm blog aku nie dlm kategori 'Upcoming Blogger of The Year' :)) wakaka... blogger of the year tuuuuuuu :p
  2. pastu korang pilih blog yg tsenarai utk vote ;)
  3. kalo tetiba nampak blog aku mcm gambar atas nie, pastu nampak butang vote kan [klik utk vote]:D
  4. tp sblm vote korang kena daftar dl [klik sini].
acamam? mudah kan ;) hehehe... alang² dah vote aku tu, join ler skali. kalo aku x menang, korang leh menang kan. janji ade pemenang :D wakaka :)) cepat smentara stok masih ade nie. last join adalah pd 31 Januari 2012! so, korang ade masa lebih kureng 5 hari aje lg. tp last vote adalah pada 6 Februari 2012. dah join jgn lupa vote. kalo x nak join pun x pe, yg penting daftar utk vote. mari mengundi! tunaikan kewajipan anda! wakaka...
"Tuah Ayam Nampak Dikaki, Tuah Blogger Nampak Dijari"


  1. yeayyyyy i've just voted for you for Worlds Bloggers And Social Media Awards 2012

    Plsssss vote me back for THE WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR @ http://socialmediaweek.com.my/awards/category.php?id=33 "click vote di link www.bicaramakdara.com ye terima kasihhhhhh

  2. I'm voted for you.....please vote for me to roulan.blogspot.com in the Upcoming Blogger of the Year category

  3. vote sudah ;) amboi mak dara.... ranking teratas tu :) hehehehe...


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